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The Okanagan Valley in South-Central British Colombia boasts an average of two thousand hours of sunlight a year. During the summer, Penticton is constantly bathed in sunlight. Though I’ve spent time in similar climates I’ve never seen summer skies like these, so vast, evocative and blue. These are the perfect skies to lie on the ground and watch as the clouds shift from shape to shape. It’s not just the quantity of the light that makes this area so remarkable but the quality. It seems to enhance every aspect of this unique valley’s surroundings: the lakes, the mountains, the orchards and the never-ending grapevines covering the hills.

View to Penticton from the south at OK falls. Skaha Lake in the foreground. Penticton in the distance.

The night sky is beautiful here as well. Dramatic and bold. Driving from Kelowna to Penticton at night is one of my favorite things. I love the distant view of the city.  The way the city lights mirror the stars and the ghostly hues of the night sky contour the mountains. It seems to me here in the valley, there is never complete darkness only different depths of purples and deep blues. I love to sit out on my deck with a glass of wine and admire these shades. Two years ago, my husband, Mark and I left the Gatineau Hills of Wakefield, Quebec for the Bluebunch Wheatgrass and Sagebrush of the Okanagan Valley. In Wakefield, we lived in old 1880’s blacksmith’s house with creaking floorboards and a stately staircase. In Penticton, our home is modern. We have a lovely apartment we rent out as a holiday home. Since our move, I’ve fallen in love with my new town. Not just the vistas, but also the lifestyle and the distinctive flavor of the surrounding towns. This blog is an attempt to highlight what makes this area so different from any other part of Canada and share all my adopted home has to offer.

Penticton's South beach at Skaha.

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Hosts, Lesley and Mark live in the downstairs apartment. They are happy to offer any advice about local attractions or anything else you might need. Their aim is that your stay in Penticton be as wonderful as possible.


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